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Garlic for Healthy Chickens

Who knew that feeding ground garlic could offer a host of benefits for their overall health? The Garlic bulb contains sulfur compounds and other nutrients that can boost the immune system, ward off parasites, and kill harmful bacteria and parasites in the gut. Garlic in a chicken's diet acts as an illness protection! This is excellent news for us poultry keepers!

So why is garlic so beneficial? The sulfur compounds in garlic stimulate the white blood cells, which are crucial for fighting infections and diseases. Thus boosting the immune system. Once in the bloodstream, parasites are combatted as they do not relish the taste. Another added benefit is that eggs taste better! Garlic has been used as a natural flavor enhancer for thousands of years. Feeding chickens ground garlic imparts to the eggs, making them even more delicious for human consumption.

**If you don't have garlic cloves, sprinkle some garlic powder on their food. It is crucial to note that garlic should not be given in excessive amounts, as this can lead to anemia. Moderation is key when adding any supplement to a chicken's diet.

garlic for  chickens health



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