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Celebrating the Miniature Rose

Roses have been a symbol of romance, love, tenderness and affection since the ancient times. Valentine week officially began on Rose Day , February 7th thru Valentine's Day, February 14.

Many people are presented with a bouquet of long stem red or other assorted rose colors.

Although quite beautiful unfortunately their blooms usually fade within 7-10 days.

This is why I love the miniature rose!

They are winter hardy because they are not grafted. So these beautifully flowering rose bushes can be planted outside in spring in a sunny spot and enjoyed for years. If the stems die back over the winter, the roots will send out new stem shoots that will reemerge in the spring .

What greater gift than to receive a miniature rose bush in February that can be enjoyed over the winter months in a sunny window and then have a permandent place in a loved ones garden in June. Once established in their garden location, they will continue to flower for many years . What a wonderful reminder of the romance and affection shared.


* REMINDER: Miniature roses grown in greenhouses for Valentine's Day are already in bloom due to the warm conditions so they will need to stay inside in a sunny location until early summer and then transplanted.




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