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Composting worms love pumpkins & apples! Wow! look at my houseplants with worm castings added!!

So it’s been about 8 days since I cut up 2 sugar pumpkins left over from Halloween and 3 overripe apples that fell off our organic apple trees were fed to our worms. When I went to see if what was buried was being eaten I was pleasantly pleased to see everything was pretty much devoured by the worms !!!

In addition, our large 35 gallon worm farm was full of worm eggs and a tremendous amount of babies that also seemed to love gorging on the pumpkin and apples. I had read that pumpkins were filled with nutrition that is an ideal food that encourages breeding. So today I buried 3 more sugar pumpkins and plan to watch how quickly the delicious decomposing pumpkins are eaten. As an observer I would like to see if indeed more eggs are found near the area where the pumpkins were buried and how quickly the new hatchlings and juvenile worms consume the pumpkins.

Our worm bin is situated in our cellar which is approximately 60-68 degrees. I use 2 garden meters that monitor the PH and Moisture levels as a way to ensure the living environment is optimum.

***As a side note I wanted to share another pleasant surprise!! My son gave me a Christmas Cactus many years ago that never bloomed and a dear friend recently shared a portion of her oxalis plant

which was struggling over the past few months. About 5 weeks I added a few tablespoons of worm castings along the top of each of these plants. Today I found the cactus with multiple buds and one gorgeous orange red bloom !! The oxalis had doubled in size and had many new shoots. Can't wait to see what happens now with the Meyers Lemon Tree.!


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