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Fun at the Fair

  It’s Fall and that means it’s time to visit New England’s agricultural fair fun. Giant pumpkins contests , 4H Club & FFA livestock contests, scarecrows , cider pressing, tractor pulls, sheep &  dog herding exhibits, riding competitions , crafting & handmade exhibits, mouthwatering food stands, and many other fun family attractions .    These fairs are full of farmers, homesteaders , horticulturists and agriculture students who love to share their knowledge on raising animals and farming techniques. I love gabbing with the knowledgeable poultry farmers about the various poultry breeds,  best brooders, coop cleaning practices  & suggested bedding , and, of course , what feeds and free ranging grasses & flowers make the healthiest flock and best egg production.    So take mark your calendar and go visit a agricultural or harvest fair . It’s so much fun! You never know what you may learn that is helpful to your hobby farm living .



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