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As we begin to establish our own garden beds we will track our progress on our blog. Do you have suggestions for themes, color schemes, plants or focal points? Let us know!

Pink Lady Slipper

What can I say? LaLa loves playing in the dirt! My great grandmother did, too. She would take me to various estates and rose gardens from spring until fall. She was a fountain of information on where to grow the vegetables on her property. Her neighbor was a farmer and always left her a small garden patch to grow her own food. That small patch, under her watchful eye, fed three families (and some of the hungry wildlife).

Here's the dirt

My great grandmother, LaLa, knew just about every native flower. Her favorite was the Pink Lady Slipper.

She would bring me to woodlands where a gorgeous field would be on display in late June. Then we would go to a garden center and she would select an array of annuals to plant about her established gardens.



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