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Herbs for Chicken Health and Nutrition

This Fall we moved our coop to a location near our garden. The first thing I did once the coop was placed was to plant mint around the coop . Mint is a natural deterrent for rodents . From what I understand it extremely irritates their sinuses. For years I have been placing mint & peppermint sachets in my coop eves to discourage any mouse making a home in our coop.

Knock on wood’s been working !!!

Many chicken keepers are becoming more aware that herbs have many uses in the coop and medicinally.

Herbs can be used in the coop floor bedding ,in nest boxes, the chicken run and even in their dust bath.

This spring I’m planning to make a raised bed of herb just for the chickens . It will be filled with Basil, Dill , Oregano ,Sage,Rosemary ,Lemon Balm , Bee Balm, Chamomile , Garlic and Parsley. Containers of mint will be placed on all four corners of the coop. All of these mentioned herbs and many others are full of

vitamins, calcium & antioxidants. They have many uses such as controlling worms & parasites , aids in circulation , or have calming effects just to name a few. A raised garden bed full of roses was built next to the chicken run .The chickens love eating the fallen rose petals , marigolds and nasturtiums that also have many health benefits . As spring nears and my garden planning is complete . I will focus on each herb and their benefits for the flock and share it with you .

If you have information or good practices with herbs in the coop please add it in the comments for discussion.



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