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How to Make a Freshly Cut Hydrangea Wreath

Hydrangeas have long been a wow factor favorite among gardeners. Hydrangeas tend to change from brilliant greens, blues, and pinks into a cascade of various hues as the Fall cool weather approaches. Besides making your garden look beautiful they also look gorgeous as a table or basket bouquet or adorning a wall or door as a wreath.

It is not difficult to make an eye-catching long-lasting Hydrangea Wreath.

All that is required is a :

Large straw wreath base

U-shapedd floral pins

Floral wire

Wire cutters

Freshly cut Hydrangea cuttings whose stems are about 2 inches long. Remove all leaves.

1. Select the first Hydrangea cutting and place floral pins above the leaf node. Then insert the floral pin into the straw wreath. You will continue to place Hydrangea cuttings with floral

pins as you work your way around the straw wreath.

2. To add interest, alternate shades of color to create a realistic variegated garden appearance.

3. Be sure the wreath looks full by overlapping the blooms and covering the entire front of the straw wreath.

4. To hang the wreath cut a 6-inch piece of the floral wire and wrap it around one small section of the wreath and twist and knot. Now it's ready for hanging!



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