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There is always plenty to do on the Farm

Whew!! The holidays have passed, the days are getting longer, and it’s time to get ready for designing & building our raised garden, hunting for heritage seeds, and selecting a few more chicks to add to the flock. There is so much to do!!

But first, we took advantage of the excellent weather, thoroughly cleaned the coop from top to bottom, and added all new bedding. The chickens were delighted to enter the newly cleaned nesting boxes with soft bedding laced with dried lavender, thyme, and mint. I imagine it must feel like Egyptian cotton clean sheets !!

My daughter marveled at how much dander & how many cobwebs can appear in only a few days!!

The coop looked like a house that had not been dusted in months. We coop clean quite often since our Pekin Ducks can be pretty messy. Beautiful but messy nonetheless!

Cleaning the coop can be pretty easy when a break in the weather allows. We use a giant tarp to place all the old bedding on in the winter. The tarp with bedding easily slides over the snow to our compost pile. While this cleaning occurs, our flock enjoys facing the warm sun and some free-ranging in the open grassy areas. Seeing our hens frolicking about

warms my heart.

Now ..,, I have to find time to finish harvesting the worm compost bins.

At the moment, I have gathered 40 lbs and have at least another 30 lbs to go!! The worms have multiplied and have been quite busy eating & breaking down all our veggie and fruit scraps into beautiful, dark, rich compost !!

Can’t wait to add the worm poop to our gardens !! Think SPRING people!!



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