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Welcome to LaLa's Farm!

Thank you for visiting our blog. Here we strive to share the joys of hobby life on LaLa's Farm.

LaLa's Front Door

Come on in and sit yourself down with a nice cup of coffee and tales of your hobby farming life. Our goal is to document our journey into gardening, raising animals, cooking great meals and creating farm art using found materials here on LaLa's Farm. We want this blog to be your source for gathering and sharing hobby farming inspiration.

LaLa's Farm has two dogs, three rescued parakeets, thirteen chickens of assorted breeds, a male Guinea hen who thinks he's a rooster, and two rescued Pekin Ducks. Each and every one of these animals brings joy to my day with their peculiar antics and expressions.


The mission of LaLa's Farm is to get back to the basics of a time of yesteryear when you grew and sometimes raised your own food, cooked from scratch, shared recipes and gardening tips, learned from happy expected & unexpected happenings, dreamed up ways to repurpose & create, and work with your hands to make homemade and handmade goods.

In other words, getting back to our roots and leave some of today's craziness at the doorstep. Please share your pictures, ideas, and inspiration from your hobby farm !

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