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The mission of LaLa's Farm is to get back to the basics of a time of yesteryear when you grew and sometimes raised your own food, cooked from scratch, shared recipes & gardening tips, learned from happy expected & unexpected happenings, dreamed up ways to repurpose & create, and work with your hands to make homemade and handmade goods.

In other words, getting back to our roots and leave some of today's craziness at the doorstep.

Lala's Farm: Embracing Hobby Farming

Lala's Farm

Lala's Farm, located in the heart of Massachusetts, offers a captivating glimpse into the world of hobby farming and sustainable living. Lala's Farm is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for seasoned farmers and individuals looking to embrace a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

One of the highlights of Lala's Farm is the abundance of detailed guides on various aspects of hobby farming. From chicken keeping to worm farming, aspiring farmers can find valuable information on how to raise and care for chickens and create a thriving ecosystem on their own land. Lala's Blog also offers insights into maintaining raised garden beds with various varieties of delicious vegetables and even guides on growing a small orchard.

But Lala's Farm is about more than just experienced practical advice. We like to share and showcase the personal stories and cherished family memories formed while tending to the Farm. You are invited to immerse yourselves in our Blog's captivating stories that highlight the joys and challenges of farm life, creating a sense of connection and inspiration.
So, whether you're a novice farmer or simply curious about the wonders of hobby farming, Lala's Farm is your virtual gateway to a fulfilling and sustainable way of life.


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