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Barn Quilt for the Chicken Coop

chicken coop quilt
coop Quilt

Barn Quilt
Chicken Coop Barn Quilt

Hey there! 

 As we eagerly wait for spring, let us have some fun by creating beautiful artwork for our gardens and homes. Recently, I watched a heartwarming documentary called "Pieced Together" about a woman's love for her mother that inspired the American Quilt Square Trail movement. 

The American Barn Trail is the beauty of creative quilting by showcasing painted wooded blocks on barns and other buildings throughout the United States. The artistic trail became a popular tourist attraction, with people traveling around the country to see these creative, beautiful, thought-provoking, and engaging, quirky works of art. This movement has brought joy and unity to farmers, backyard hobby farmers, and many American states by showcasing the beauty of farming and as a symbol of pride and tradition for many communities.

Barn quilt
barn quilt mounted with pride

Donna Sue Groves, the woman in question, celebrated her mother, Nina Maxine, a celebrated quilter, by hanging a painted traditional quilt block print on a wooden panel for all to admire. Her idea was so beloved that barn quilters came together to create more of these works of art, starting the American Barn Trails.

Barn Quilt created for  home front entry
Barn Quilt at Home Entry

I was inspired by this story and thought of creating a barn quilt for my chicken coop. So, I am excited to start a Lala's Farm Chicken Coop Quilt Trail with YOU on Instagram. 

Whether you have a barn or a chicken coop, join us in celebrating our love for our coops, barns or garden sheds by sharing your artistsic creations on Lala's Farm by creating beautiful works of art. 

Let us celebrate our love for our coops, homes, and gardens by sharing our creations on Lala's Farm Instagram @lalas_farm or Facebook @LaLasfarm. Together, let us create our own Social Media displaying our Chicken Coop or Barn Quilts worldwide!

Here's a link to give you inspiration on how to get started with your Coop Quilt


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