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Chicken Run for a Northeast Winter. Raising the Roost!

Winters In the Northeast are challenging to chickens who are used to free ranging .

For the past year we have been designing a walk-in coop that will have a roof, plenty of room to roam and secure enough to prevent predators from access to our flock .

Its been a labor of love and learning of many lessons. Our hens have been very curious during construction . They walk about giving nods of approval or loud squawks when they disapprove. Lately, they have been tapping their toes begging us to finish as the weather is changing fast. Can’t say I blame them ...we started the project in early August and its now October!

We decided to build a strong raised box with hardwire buried under the raised box frame and then fill it with 5 yards of stone . Tamp & level stone and then move two good size coops into the framed box area.

Next came the run framing, painting, adding the tin roofing ,building a doorway large enough to accommodate a large wheel barrel and lastly adding the 200 feet of 1/2 hard cloth. This is the final stage we are at presently . Those toe tapping chickens stand at the run door each morning letting us know to finish quickly.

Want to thank Refined Roofing & Building of New Hampshire for the construction & attention to animal containment & predator safe detail. Home Depot allowed me to take a pallet of dead sod rolls which we laid over the rock in the run. The chickens are busy scratching it and making the inside into a winter home.

We are planning on adding thick small diamond patterned lattice to the bottom portion of the run to keep the weight of the snow off the hardcloth. Plus it really looks very appealing .

While we were building , in September , we started a gardens in this area.

Tree roses and bush roses , hydrangeas, peach and nectarine trees were planted . Next we will be designing areas in the run for the feeders, water stations and dirt baths.

Welcome chicken keepers to please share what you feel are the best feeders & water equipment to use in the run during the winter months. Please join the conversation and send photos to Instagram #lalas_farm or visit us on FB @LaLa’s Farm. We love hearing ideas & the sharing of knowledge!




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