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Chickens are “Brainy”!

The past few days I have been trying to wrap up painting, building , attaching hardcloth wire to our new coop. I was so busy at times that I would forget to take a short break and re-examine my work. However my sweet, curious, watchful chickens actually stopped me as they swarmed looking for attention and gave me a cackle scolding as if to say “ Take a rest for a moment”.

This caring behavior peaked my curiosity. Could my chickens be"Brainy Birds" not the negative “ bird brain “comments that one often hears?

So I pulled out some chicken research info and began to research facts about chicken behavior . Fun Facts:

1. Chickens can actually recognize many faces & voices.

2. Chickens can communicate and vocalize at least 24 distinct calls . My chickens love to speak to me when they want to be pet . A few actually sound like they purr when I rub their chests and gently massage their necks & combs. Of course , they squawk a lot amongst themselves when treats are given or when they feel they are in danger.

3. Chickens are smart, affectionate , and are social learners.

4. Chickens recognize their owners voices.

5. There are more than 20 billion chickens found throughout the world !! There are now more chickens than any other bird species !!

6. Chickens know the value in getting a good nights sleep — to maintain good health, have beautiful feathers and lay a bounty of lay fresh eggs--- chicken needs 6 to 8 hours of darkness and restful sleep. 7. Hens are great mothers who understand the importance of communication with their hatching chicks. The mother hens often converse through the shell, allowing chicks to recognize their mother’s voice by the time they enter the world !These conversations are essential to the chicks’ survival. Smart mom!



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