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Fairy Garden

This past week I visited a local greenhouse just to smell some garden soil and take in the greenery! The snow and frozen ground has been taking its toll.

So while I was at the greenhouse I got inspired and bought some soil . Ummmm ..,, love that smell!!

Was recently given a unique large pot that is perfect for a Fairy Garden.

Fairy Gardens are such fun to create with children and look terrific in pots and small garden areas. There is a woodland near our farm with walking trails . Many times I have noticed someone or a group have cleverly created fairy gardens next to trees or rock with all natural items such as pine cones , rocks, twigs and bark. They are a unexpected joy to discover while strolling in the woods.

Anyway, my daughter & I decided it was time to make a small Fairy Garden and get our hands dirty 😊!

First we cleaned and soaked the clay pot . Next we placed a round piece of cardboard at the stem of this particular base to help retain the water in the garden soil.

Placing the soil came next. The pot was filled until about 3 inches from the top. We wanted to leave room for planting succulents and our Fairies.

Lastly, my daughter watered the succulents and designed the Fairy Garden. It came out quite nice! It is placed near a bright window in our living room for all to enjoy and for me to smell the dirt 😂!! If you feel the need to garden in the winter we highly recommend creating one !



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