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Help! My Chicken Needs First Aid!

Lets address what medical items are needed in a basic First Aid kit before a medical event arises . At our farm we have an area with a small animal carrier, small blanket, and a medium size sealed see through plastic container w/lid marked ⛑chickens with the veterinarian telephone number. Having the container & first aid essentials together saves time, makes it easy to reach in & grab what is needed fast.

Listed below are recommended items :

*Disposable latex gloves

* Vet rap bandages are self adhering. Will not stick to feathers or fur so its easy to remove.

* Sterille Gauze for cleanings

*Kwik Stop Stypic Powder or Cornstarch (helps stop bleeding)

*Hydrogen Peroxide ( cleans wounds)

*1% Hydrocortisone cream

*Neosporin anti bacterial ointment

Vet RX for poultry for respiratory problems. Its works like a menthol that when placed under the wings helps with congestion.

*Vetericyn cleans & treats wounds.

*Blu-Kote blue spray that hides skin from feather picking or open wound (Will stain clothing & skin so wear gloves)

*Hen Healer Multi Purpose Ointment protects and supports healing of cuts, scrapes, wattles, combs and legs.

*Preparation H for a prolapse vent (helps reduce swelling fast in order to gently push part of oviduct back in vent). Always check with vet!

*Saline to wash eyes or dirt. *Vaseline protects combs & wattles from frostbite . Its also acts a lubricant barrier to treat scaly leg mites and many other uses.

*Sav-A-Chick electrolytes is good to add to water in hot summer, for heat stroke symptoms, shock after a predator attack and more.


*Medicine syringe


*Nail Clippers/Nail File/Super glue for broken beak repair. Bond glue with a small piece of a coffee filter or tissue paper to beak. *Flashlight

*Notebook & pen to write down vet instructions



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