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Look Who is Hiding in the Trees !

This is just a reminder that predators are out full force looking for food now that the cold weather has set in.

It was 18 degrees this morning in Massachusetts . Our chickens and ducks were anxious to leave the coop and a few were hoping to free range before the snow arrives. Unfortunately that was not going to happen today.

Spotted a large red tail hawk just waiting for me to head to the coop & run in hopes of grabbing a warm breakfast . I’m very happy we finished our large run prior to the winter months . Solar & motion detecting lighting , locking carabiners, secure sturdy doors, heavy 1/2 inch hard cloth, tin roof , wire skirts wide enough to prevent digging , and covering all windows with hard cloth will help safeguard your flock. Check your coop & run daily for signs of possible invasion & potential areas of weakness and address them immediately. Please check the coop surroundings every day for predators because they are watching YOU just waiting for the opportunity to catch a meal.



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