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Meet the Flock

Say hello to Libby and her friendly flock on LaLa's Farm.

Libby Chicken

LaLa's Farm has 3 rescued parakeets, 13 chickens of assorted breeds, a male Guinea hen who thinks he's a rooster, and two rescued Pekin Ducks. Each and every one of these animals brings joy to my day with their peculiar antics and expressions.

The Pekin Ducks are new to me . I would appreciate more information on their laying cycle and care. In the meantime our ducks, Libby & Larry, are fitting right into the flock and their new home.

Passion for animals

The chickens are a passion I have had for seven years. I have studied, read, and visited so many farmers to learn all I can about chicken keeping. The feed stores know of my passion too. There always seems to be some poor chick that can't find a home that is given to me. The chick is always free…but you know a birds gotta eat!!

My search to learn more about chicken care brought me to a commercial farmer who used a chicken tractor the size of a bus for a coop. The chickens were happy didn't seem to mind traveling and fertilizing the fields. The farmer had incredible egg production.

My two dogs love the chickens too. They lie about on the grass with them making sure no predators bother our birds as they free range. Some would say LaLa's Farm is a chickens paradise.

Please share pics and chicken/duck keeping that works for your flock. ​



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