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The Surprising Intelligence of Chickens!

Over the past week, I have been working hard to provide my feathered friends with a spacious and safe outdoor area to roam around during the day. The new chicken run I built gives them more space to move around and protects them from potential harm caused by predators like raccoons, opossums, foxes, owls, and hawks. My flock has been very appreciative of their new home and have been showing their gratitude in their unique way.

Did you know that chickens are intelligent creatures? They can recognize up to 100 different faces, both human and chicken. Moreover, they can communicate in various ways, including body language and clucking. Chickens can also solve complex problems and learn from one another. If one chicken knows how to open a gate, others in the flock may do the same.

four smart chickens studying

When I first started observing my chickens, I noticed that they had a unique way of communicating with each other. For example, when one of them found a tasty treat, they would make a specific clucking noise to signal the others that they had found something delicious.

I also noticed that they could learn from each other. One of my chickens, for instance, figured out how to jump onto the top of the coop and access the roof. After a few days, I noticed other chickens in the flock had started doing the same thing. These observations opened my eyes to these fascinating creatures' intelligence and social dynamics.

chicken in field far from coop

My work on the new chicken run taught me much about these fantastic creatures. I have been impressed with their intelligence and how they express their appreciation. Next time you see a chicken, remember that they're not just mindless birds but intelligent animals capable of amazing things!



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